loving imperfectly

who says loving is easy?

I don`t really know how to begin.. it’s been almost 21 months since we built our love.. there are many heart aches, sleepless nights, trials, struggles, you name it.. but in the end it’s all worth it.. :”>

unknowingly, he captured my heart .. he taught me everything I know in life. he ma be crazy at times but that didn’t stop me from loving him.. ❤

it’s the flaws of our relationship that makes our story different and unique.. and the beauty of our relationship is that at the end of every storm we may encounter in our life, we still manage to smile and we still have each other in the end :”)





Styling Tips: 4 March Madness Outfits That Are Total Fabness


Stylust - The Official bebe Blog

This week, our go-to area manager and stylist Jolyn is back with four fun, colorful outfits to score unbeatable March Madness style!

March Madness to me, from a fashion perspective, can be…well…maddening. While I’m ALL about being a raving fan and supporting your team, I just wish that team-spirited women’s wear was made for the fashionista!

Well, today I’m here to demonstrate why you needn’t be stuck with a T-shirt and hooded sweatshirt to show your team loyalty. No matter what team you root for (and yes, “Team Beverly Hills Housewives” is a team), hopefully this post will help you think outside the box in regards to being a raving fan fashionista and, if anything, make March Madness a little less crazy making. With that said, here are four looks to support some of my personal fashion picks and wins from the oh-so-sweet 16:

bebe-STYLUST-March-Madness-DukeShop: Pleated Knit Bodysuit

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jr :) <3





Before, you were sweet, very caring, loving. Now I don’t know who you are anymore 😦





The one thing I love most ;”>


Love for me is a person named JONATHAN C. AGUALIN JR. :”>

He is my Best friend, my Boyfriend, my better half, and my soon-to-be husband ❤

I know he doesn’t really believe and trust me, but you know, all I ever said to him was true. I never lied to him. I’ll keep our promises. Because he is the man I like to be with and the man I can’t be without. My heart was closed for almost 16 yrs but it was opened because of Jonathan. He is the best part of me. A  part of him has grown in me, and now I know my world just revolves with Jonathan. 🙂 ❤

Sometimes, I’ve been really hurt bad by him because I felt that he will ignore me. But still I love him so much. Even if I get hurt so many times by him, it is okay because I love him. :”>

Ano ba naman magagawa ko eh, mahal ko siyang talaga. KAHIT MASAKTAN AKO PAULIT ULIT KAHIT NA ANSAKIT SAKIT NA MAHAL NA MAHAL KO PARIN SIYA. Hindi naman kasi madali isuko ang pagmamahal namin.Kasi pag magmahal, gagawin ko ang lahat. Di ko naman siya iiwan eh, di ko siya papabayaan. Siya lang naman kasi tinitibok ng aking puso. Pagbaliktarin man lang ang mundo, siya parin ang gusto ko makasama ssa panghabambuhay. Siya lang naman kasi yung hinihintay ko eh, nagbago na kasi yung Baby ko. Yung dating napakasweet ngayon, ewan na. Hindi ko nga alam kung bakit na  naging ganun siya,kahit naman sa text dati hindi naman siya ganun..


Before he was very caring, sweet,thoughtful and the like, now parang naglaho na ang pag-ibig niya 😥 Kaya lagi kong iniiyak sa diyos na sana si Jonathan na minahal ko sana, maging ganun katulad ng dati.He was my first love hindi din naman nag-iba yung pagtrato ko sakanya.. –.


Everyday I often call him “BABY”, “BABY KO”,”BABE”,”KING OF MY LIFE”,”SWEETHEART”,”DARLING”. Kahit paghintayin niya ako araw araw, hindi ako magsasawa maghintay.Ganun ko kasi siya kamahal eh.Kahit paulit ulit niya akong saktan, okay lang. Mahal ko talaga eh. Ganun naman talaga pag mahal mo diba? I really love him. Jonathan is my forever. Just forever him alone is the one i’m going to love. I LOVE YOU, LOVE.I love him and I want the whole world that I just love him.  :”>


Alberta Ferretti Silk dress

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Canvas Pump

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Christian Louboutin Ballet Flat

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Christian Louboutin Black Leather Slingback with Silver Studs

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