Styling Tips: 4 March Madness Outfits That Are Total Fabness


Stylust - The Official bebe Blog

This week, our go-to area manager and stylist Jolyn is back with four fun, colorful outfits to score unbeatable March Madness style!

March Madness to me, from a fashion perspective, can be…well…maddening. While I’m ALL about being a raving fan and supporting your team, I just wish that team-spirited women’s wear was made for the fashionista!

Well, today I’m here to demonstrate why you needn’t be stuck with a T-shirt and hooded sweatshirt to show your team loyalty. No matter what team you root for (and yes, “Team Beverly Hills Housewives” is a team), hopefully this post will help you think outside the box in regards to being a raving fan fashionista and, if anything, make March Madness a little less crazy making. With that said, here are four looks to support some of my personal fashion picks and wins from the oh-so-sweet 16:

bebe-STYLUST-March-Madness-DukeShop: Pleated Knit Bodysuit

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